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Hey, remember when we all lived in New Albion, just south of New Georgia?

January 10, 2011 { Books & Learning, David, Hobbies and Projects }
B.F. Lloyd & Co Map of Canada and Arctic Regions of North America

Mr. Pencil and I finally got around to framing some things—Pencilhaven has an epic backlog of framing—and I’d like to share it with you. Mr. P went through a self-professed eBay-cartography binge a few months ago, and, as a result, we have some nifty new specimens. This “Map of Canada and the Arctic Regions of North America” has something new to tell us about the weird history of our own neck of the woods.

Food: David’s molcajete, ancient cookware for mean salsas

April 9, 2010 { David, Food }
Last night's salsa in the molcajete.

David’s 35th birthday was last week. After my first four gift ideas went wholly south, I decided to get him something he’d been asking for. Well, sort of. Our kitchen’s mortar and pestle complement was sorely lacking. Our little guy only held a few ounces and served more to spray bits of things around than to crush or muddle them usefully. David had, for some time, been on the warpath for a new mortar and pestle, a big, manly, indestructible one.

I took it a bit further and found something shaped like a pig. Instead of an outsized marble variant or, even less usefully, a ceramic one, I found a jumbo-sized Mexican molcajete. These three-footed vessels are traditionally made from volcanic rock, tend to shed dust and grit until they’re seasoned, and have been around in some way or another since the Aztecs ruled Tenōchtitlān, awesome calendaring system and all.

This Just In: Pencilhaven Completes Tiny Grape Harvest

September 25, 2009 { David, Geek, Hobbies and Projects, Life }

It’s harvest time at Pencilhaven. The air is full of excitement; our back deck a hive of industrious activity. For at least three to five minutes. This year we are going to make wine again! Our Pinot gris vine is in its third leaf (probably) and has matured its first crop. Our low-yield viticultural goals [...]

Book Review: "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain

June 7, 2008 { David }

I like Twain as quote-worthy curmudgeon. I like his cynical way of writing. But, alas, I don’t really like Tom Sawyer. It’s a melodrama that, while purporting to narrate Tom’s story and take Tom’s side, both condescends to its protagonist and never really gives a sense of motivation. Rascally, sure, mischievous, but why? We see [...]

My First Date with Mr. Pencil

February 29, 2008 { David, Life }

I have pretty much gone on about half a dozen of what you can call actual, typical “dates” in my life. My first (and only, really) date with David involved feats of skill, Persian food, a fedora, and Chez Clay. All good things. As a twist, this was not my last date. Note the almost [...]

This Week in Pencilhaven

January 28, 2008 | 4 comments { David, Life }

I’m still heartily distracted by the fun lumps in my ‘ppendix (CT scan tomorrow, surgery…soonish?), but here are some other things to keep you distracted:  Trying to decide whether the $125 minimum order at Nicky’s game/meats justifies our need for sourcing duck fat for making duck confit.  David bought a brazer. I confess I didn’t [...]

All Clear!

January 22, 2008 { Crohn's, David, Life }

Hi everybody. I just got my biopsy results for the masses in my appendix. Benign. I’m so happy I just can’t stop smiling. Nevermind that I still have to have a CT scan on Friday and surgery next week–I’m thrilled. I can deal with having my appendix (etc.) out. Cancer is harder. It takes a [...]

Here Comes 2008

December 31, 2007 { David, Life }

2008 is breaths away and the Pencils are ready! Right now, Mr. Pencil is moving his telescope (laboriously) down from the 4th floor (attic) in Chez Pencil, with the goal of getting a good look at Mars. Mars, see, the planet, it’s closer to earth this week than it will be for another dozen or [...]

Pencil Mug!

December 10, 2007 | 2 comments { Cloud Four, David, Life }

Mr. Pencil made me a mug. It is totally wonderful. Take a peek: can you spot the pencil? You can see Fishmael’s* new home in the background, and the flowers Aileen’s mom gave us to congratulate us on our new office (this is at work). * Fishmael is my mascot. He’s a shiny blue betta [...]

This one's For Mr. Pencil

November 26, 2007 { David, Geek }

From the wonderful Web comic xkcd

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