Pencil Mug!

December 10, 2007

Mr. Pencil made me a mug. It is totally wonderful.

Take a peek: can you spot the pencil?

You can see Fishmael’s* new home in the background, and the flowers Aileen’s mom gave us to congratulate us on our new office (this is at work).Pencil Mug by Mr. Pencil

* Fishmael is my mascot. He’s a shiny blue betta fish. I’ve had him since May 2006. He’s a trooper!


  1. Cork Lizard says:

    yes yes, that mug is so very very cool it hurts!

  2. [...] an afternoon tea! English Breakfast is for forenoon only–what am I? A farmer?!). I have a wonderful mug that I get to use every day. Tea–and I don’t mean, like, Lipton’s, I mean [...]

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