All Clear!

January 22, 2008

Hi everybody. I just got my biopsy results for the masses in my appendix. Benign. I’m so happy I just can’t stop smiling. Nevermind that I still have to have a CT scan on Friday and surgery next week–I’m thrilled. I can deal with having my appendix (etc.) out. Cancer is harder. It takes a character of great strength (e.g. Preston, Mike) to battle it.

I hate to spew sentimental “Oh-now-I-value-life”-ness at you, but I definitely feel different as a result of this experience. I was surprised at how positive I was staying, and how calm. This is a bit of a secret but cancer is actually my most mortal fear–ever. Maybe that fear is not that uncommon.

A deep thanks to those who sent me kind words.

And an extra, passionate love shout-out for Mr. Pencil, whose support has surpassed phenomenal. He is the most wonderful human being I have ever met.

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