This Just In: Pencilhaven Completes Tiny Grape Harvest

September 25, 2009

It’s harvest time at Pencilhaven. The air is full of excitement; our back deck a hive of industrious activity. For at least three to five minutes.

Petite bunches of Pinot gris ripe for the picking.

Petite bunches of Pinot gris ripe for the picking.

This year we are going to make wine again! Our Pinot gris vine is in its third leaf (probably) and has matured its first crop. Our low-yield viticultural goals are met by selective thinning, fruit dropping, canopy management, walk-by munching, and the fact that we have exactly one plant.

Harvest! Well, yes, this IS all of it.

Harvest! All of it.

De-stemming and crush was of artisanal quality: David squeezed each berry as he dropped it into a Planters peanut jar.


We anticipate that our production will run to at least several ounces.


We are vigorous and busy as we go into primary fermentation. David is assiduously punching the cap down every several minutes.

Won’t you come over in several months and try a pipette full of luscious Pencilhaven white? I’m sure we can spare you a milliliter.

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