November 5, 2007

Hey everybody in Oregon! Don’t forget to vote! Tomorrow is the last day to drop off your ballot. Don’t mail it–it’s too late. Just drop it off at one of the ballot drop-off places, say, like the Multnomah County Elections office, which happens to be a block-and-a-half from my house. So very useful! I can procrastinate the hell out of voting and still manage to just traipse on down there and drop it off on time, like a big jerk who is conveniently living only a few hundred feet away.

This time they’ve actually closed and re-routed streets around the elections office in this complex, serpentine arrangement of drop-off boxes. I’m surprised at the traffic density: when I walked by about an hour ago, there was a constant stream of cars pulling up and dropping off ballots. You vote, girl (or boy)!

Partiality alert: I really think you should vote yes on Measure 49.

Sometimes I regret that we are a vote-by-mail-only state. I have these romantic memories of the polls. But then I realize that’s silly and groundless and voting by mail is the Way it Really Has to Be. Enh, I can deal.

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