Here Comes 2008

December 31, 2007

2008 is breaths away and the Pencils are ready!

Right now, Mr. Pencil is moving his telescope (laboriously) down from the 4th floor (attic) in Chez Pencil, with the goal of getting a good look at Mars. Mars, see, the planet, it’s closer to earth this week than it will be for another dozen or more years. Something along those lines.

Being sick this weekend gave us a wonderful opportunity to catch up on some much-neglected Warcraft-ing. All in all, one of the least productive weekends in a while, and, except for our sickness (me: sore throat, snot; him: snot, sinusy, coughing), it was everything I could ever hope for. Between bouts of Warcraft there was napping and eating and drinking. And some reading. Although it doesn’t look like I’m going to make it through 1000-page book #52 by midnight (I’m on page 650).

I’m honestly excited about 2008. I kind of have a knack for objective- and goal-setting (I’m strangely organized in that department. Go figure.) and so I’m whipping up some mighty-detailed spreadsheets for stuff I want to do in the coming year.

My 2007 goals went fairly well, with an overall success rate of about 60%. I want to aim to achieve 75% of this year’s goals, however. Woop!

By the way, this post didn’t so much have a point as it had several, unplanned ones. Sorry.

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