Getting Back to Normal

February 26, 2008

Today is the first day I have dragged myself into the office, for a few hours. I wish I had more to update you on or discuss than my inner bits, but that’s how things have been rolling in my life.

Most of the previous posts I cannot recall writing. I spent the weekend resting, and I would say by Saturday afternoon the miasma of amnesia had lifted and things have mostly seemed clear since then. Things were indistinct enough during my stay in the hospital that I somehow missed the detail that I had actually been disemboweled (through a 2-inch slot above my belly button) and that I am actually now minus five inches of intestine. Didn’t realize it was that much! Sometimes it’s better not to find things out until later.

All in all, though, the tubes are working! I can eat almost normally, and, really, this whole thing just hasn’t been that bad. I’m still sleeping a lot and reliant on opiate painkillers to a degree, but I feel like normal is not that far away.

One Comment

  1. Alan I. says:

    Glad to read you are home and recovering well. Take care of yourself and do something selfish soon!

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