Surgery Plans

February 2, 2008

I have been remiss in updating for a few days. Sometimes it’s easier not to think about it.

I met with a surgeon on Thursday. The surgery I have to have is a bit more involved than I had hoped, though the bright side is that they can do it laproscopically.

I need to have my appendix and an inch or two (it wasn’t quite clear exactly how much) of my surrounding intestine removed. Approximate hospital stay of 3-5 days and another 3 weeks after for recovery. This puts the kibosh on my trip to Mexico in early March. This makes me less than ecstatic. But on the other hand: I want to get this out of the way.

Why all the intestinal removal? Well, even though I won the biopsy “game,” various doctors don’t seem fully convinced it’s not cancer. By removing the surrounding intestine they remove several lymph nodes. I guess the aim is this: no matter what my lump (secal mass, technically) is made of, and even if it has gone bad (and, again, doctors are relatively certain this is not the case), there will be no cancer left in me after the surgery.

So, wish me the best for my “right lateral colectomy” to remove my “secal mass.” My “slightly dilated appendix” will thank you for it.

OK, it’s totally Saturday night now and not a time for mulling about this kind of crap. On to wine, and dinner (I’m going to make “poussins” (OK, Cornish game hens) with butternut puree and currant syrup).

Updated: Surgery is Tuesday, Feb. 19.

One Comment

  1. Alan I. says:


    I wish you well. Your story has it twists and turns (intestine pun), but I’m impressed with your positive spirit. So many days, I have taken my health for granted and reading your story has me counting my blessings like yesterday’s arithmetic. I’ll be thinking goods thoughts on Feb. 19.

    Break a leg,
    Alan I.
    Folsom, CA

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