Tomorrow is the Big Day

February 18, 2008

It’s a beautiful, sunny day here in PDX. No complaints.

I’m currently prepping for tomorrow’s surgery, which means clear liquids only and some other, nastier things. My procedure will be at St. Vincent Hospital and will take place at about 1pm tomorrow, February 19.

It is expected that I will stay in the hospital for anywhere from a very optimistic two days to less optimistic five days. It will be an adventure, for sure.

I had my last solid meal last night. Now I’m starving, and reflecting on how long it is going to be until I eat again. It’s a strange thought, and one without a clear answer.

If you are interested in following my progress, I have asked Mr. Pencil, my beloved husband (a.k.a. David) to post a few updates here while I am incapacitated.

I understand that St. Vincent’s visiting hours are “liberal,” but I’m not sure when I’ll feel up to having visitors. Soon, I hope!


  1. Mark says:

    Best of luck to you Lyza!

  2. Peat says:

    Cheers to a speedy recovery!

  3. Marty says:

    I have been following your blog and your photography (what led me to find you), I hope your surgery goes well, good luck and godspeed.

  4. Alan I. says:

    Tomorrow begins your return to a fully healthy you. I will hope for the best and wish you God’s speed.

    Alan I.

  5. Dad says:

    Heck of a diet plan, my daughter. I’m looking forward to good news from David tomorrow. I love you.

  6. Catherine says:

    We are rooting from the sidelines in Cork (Annie too). Thanks to David for keeping us posted,

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