Here we go Again: Back in the Hospital

March 10, 2008

This time it appears that I have a partial bowel obstruction. Woke up last night with what I would describe as the worst stomach cramps/ pain I’e ever had Ended up in the ER, another CT scan, now I’m checked in again after five hours in the ER. The prognosis looks like a few days? Apparently these things kind of “go away on their own” but until then I’m on morphine (it HURTS), bed rest, and no food or water until it heals. So they have to keep me here to feed me through tubes.

Yay, hospital living! Your good thoughts help me stay afloat!


  1. Aileen says:

    Ugh, I’m really sorry to hear your bowel saga has another chapter. I’m glad there’s morphine involved. Get better soon!

  2. autumn says:

    dude. no bueno. my sympathies.

  3. That really sucks. Take care, and try to enjoy the morphine!

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