Feeling Better Again

March 13, 2008

I got out of the hospital yesterday late afternoon, and spent from then until now sleeping–I never sleep that solidly (though I do sleep a lot) in the hospital. I had to drink barium again (bleck) yesterday, though in a much smaller dose than my first CT scan in January, accompanied by anti-nausea meds (magical!), and mixed with something specific to contrast my belly bits. Then they X-rayed me periodically for about 45 minutes. The results: swelling has gone down markedly and I’m back on the heal. I can eat, but am restricted to a low-fiber diet. This feels entirely non-intuitive: emphasis on processed ingredients, white grains, refined things.

A ray of good news comes through all of this: three experts–my surgeon, her partner surgeon, and my gastroenterologist–are skeptical of the Crohn’s disease diagnosis. My GI, especially, who sort of specializes in the condition. As he puts it, the tissue from my surgery that was “consistent” with Crohn’s disease was not actually “diagnostic” of it. Plus, they all add, it’s virtually impossible that I would have had a flareup of Crohn’s so soon after the removal of its source. So, yippee? More doctor’s appointments in the future, but I think I’m near the end of this fun.


  1. tODD says:

    Huzzah! I think. I hope you enjoy your bologna, Velveeta, and Miracle Whip sandwich on Wonder bread.

  2. Mikety Mike says:

    Yeah, obviously that’s good news. Not the “more Dr. appointment” bit, but, you know, the other.

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