February 22, 2008

Hi everybody, Lyza back in the blog saddle for now.

I came home from the hospital today and have made a lot of improvement just in the past twelve hours. They made me stay an extra night because I’ve been having some odd tachycardia (really fast heartbeat) and they wanted to make sure I wasn’t about to have a heart attack or something.

I’m now able to stay awake for more than half an hour at a time and I must be building a tolerance to my pain meds because they no longer send me instantly into woowoo-land. Getting a bit of reading done.

A pathology update: There was no cancer involved. This is great news. On the odd side, however, tests indicated that I may well have “advanced” Crohn’s Disease, which would help to explain some of my symptoms in the past. I’ll be following up with my gastroenterologist. Also interesting is that my tumor actually caused my appendix to dilate, meaning that I technically had appendicitis, too.

As for now, the most discomfort is caused by the five or so slices in my tummy. The surgery was done laproscopically, so the scarring should be relatively minimal, but the healing process (there are no stitches or anything) is a bit rough. I’m very puffy–I look like I gained about 10 pounds. I’m able to eat mushy foods, so I have been hitting the pudding HARD. Walking, standing, moving and sitting are all still hard but I have a good appetite and feel cheerful. And things are getting better fast.

All in all, I’m feeling positive and happy. The worst is over (and it really wasn’t THAT bad) and I have a lot of exciting projects and events to look forward to in the coming months.

Again, family and friends have been wonderful, showering me with gifts and attention. Thank you so much!

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  1. Don Park says:

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