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Notes from Las Vegas

June 19, 2009 { Transformative Treasure Hunt, Travel }

Ah, this city! The city that shouldn’t be. A criminal offense of a city! My  moral inverse! And thus of course I would come here as a destination for my transformation, because it is an oasis free of meaning in a landscape so stark even Philip Glass would be intimidated. From here–12th floor of the [...]

Fear of Flying: 0, Me: 1

June 18, 2009 { Life, Transformative Treasure Hunt, Travel }

Alaska Airlines flight 622 PDX-> LAS Me Seat 1A Various happy sounds. Now am very tired. More later?

Treasure Hunt, Final Clue

June 18, 2009 { Transformative Treasure Hunt }

You may already be ahead of me here. Collate the books you have collected so far. The first book has something to do with where we are going to sleep. The adjectival form of the city name, specifically. The second book has something to do with where we are going to visit. The third book [...]

Treasure Hunt Clue #4

June 18, 2009 { Transformative Treasure Hunt }

Thanks–I received your email! Sounds like you’re getting along nicely. Now we will find your final book-related clue. Act like you are about to pour yourself a nice glass of Oregon Pinot noir. What would you need to accomplish this task with flair? As you collect the equipment necessary for a connoisseur’s tasting you’ll come [...]

Treasure Hunt Clue #3

June 17, 2009 { Transformative Treasure Hunt }

On we go! You just did this: Found the (rather insane) book Learning from Las Vegas on my bookshelf. Found the review I wrote on LibraryThing for this book; located the first and last words, which are “drop” and “city.” Located the novel Drop City by T.C. Boyle in my library. Found the instructions to [...]

Treasure Hunt Clue #2

June 17, 2009 { Transformative Treasure Hunt }

Well, done, sweetie! You correctly located The Merchant of Venice, which partially takes place in Belmont. Portia is the first person to talk on page 70 of my edition. You DM’ed Aileen and she added 70 to her secret number and gave you 117 in response. +3 Smartypants Clue #2 Find the 4th book from the left in the middle [...]

Treasure Hunt Clue #1

June 17, 2009 | 1 comment { Life, Transformative Treasure Hunt }

And now we begin! Clue #1 You will want to find my copy of Shakespeare’s play that takes place, partially, in a town with the same name as the street we live on. You’ll find a marker inside. Note the page number of the left-hand page that this marker denotes. DM (Twitter-tweet) the page number [...]

Transformative Treasure Hunt: Welcome, David!

June 16, 2009 { Transformative Treasure Hunt }

Hi there, Mr. Pencil! Welcome to my beautiful scheme. Together with all the viewers of my blog, we’re going to have an adventure. This sequence of steps represents the intriguing internal transformations I have been having during the past several weeks. There’s more than just the manifest outcome here: there’s the soulful growth I have [...]

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