Treasure Hunt Clue #1

June 17, 2009

And now we begin!

Clue #1

  1. You will want to find my copy of Shakespeare’s play that takes place, partially, in a town with the same name as the street we live on. You’ll find a marker inside. Note the page number of the left-hand page that this marker denotes.
  2. DM (Twitter-tweet) the page number to the mother of my goddaughter. You will receive a response. Note this as response_number.
  3. Also find the first person to speak on the marked page: note this as first_person (all lower case).
  4. To get to the next clue, build and visit a URL from the following pieces:<first_person><response_number>
  5. (without brackets <>, of course)

Hint:┬áRecall that I keep my drama books in a different place–not the library.

One Comment

  1. Mr Pencil says:

    It took me a minute to find where the drama section is in our house.

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