Treasure Hunt Clue #2

June 17, 2009

Well, done, sweetie! You correctly located The Merchant of Venice, which partially takes place in BelmontPortia is the first person to talk on page 70 of my edition. You DM’ed Aileen and she added 70 to her secret number and gave you 117 in response.

+3 Smartypants

The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

Clue #2

  1. Find the 4th book from the left in the middle shelf of the bookcase on the east wall of my library.
  2. Locate this book in my library on LibraryThing.
  3. Find my review of this book on LibraryThing.
  4. Write down the first and last word of the review. This is the name of the next book you’ll need to find.

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