Something for the List of things that Make me Happy

March 25, 2008

I am happy that I finally have a coffee shop that is a) in my building, b) cheap enough to patronize daily and c) my own. I enjoy being able to order things like “what John normally has” or “It’s afternoon, so you know what I want” (Earl Grey–it’s an afternoon tea! English Breakfast is for forenoon only–what am I? A farmer?!). I have a wonderful mug that I get to use every day. Tea–and I don’t mean, like, Lipton’s, I mean hand-filled linen (or is it muslin?) tea bags from Japan with good loose-leaf high-quality tea–with milk is only $.75 when I bring my own mug. Happiness.

Mr. French’s is at 107 SE Washington St., Portland, 97214 should you wish to sample. 7am-4pm M-F. Also yum yum pastries and nom nom snackaroos.


  1. El Gray says:

    The farmer comment made me laugh. You sounded like Alec Baldwin on “30 Rock.”

  2. lyza says:

    That’s not surprising as I stole it from that show. It cracks me up.

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