Coffee People Enclave

March 7, 2008

For PDX-ers still mourning the loss of local coffee chain Coffee People (summarily bought out of existence by Starbucks, who coveted their two drive-in locations on MLK Blvd.) might feel a little bit better knowing that there is somewhere that is still carrying the flame.

There is a shop on SE Grand Ave and approximately Oak Street (quite near Nicholas, the Miller Paint Store and Andy and Bax) called something like “Coffee Shop People” (it’s kind of hard to parse) . They serve Black Tiger and Velvet Hammer espresso drinks and milkshakes. Granted the coffee itself is Dietrich, but that’s as close as you’re going to get. Perhaps my Google fu is weak but they don’t seem to have a Web presence whatsoever, even on GMaps. I didn’t actually get a milkshake today (they’re $4.55 for a “small” and I’d just had a stuffingly yum Nicholas mezza), but I’m very glad to know they’re there.

Girl behind the counter says they’re all authentic Coffee People recipes. Anyone seen this place or tried their clones?

Also, RIP Torrefazione. You were too good for S’bucks, too.


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  2. Coffee People was purchased by Starbucks in 2006 (from Diedrich). Deidrich was to retain some trademarks, brand names, and even a few locations.

  3. Momula says:

    The owners of Coffee People had another little place up on Fremont for a while, but it’s since closed.

    My latest coffee love is Legar’s at 15th (or maybe 14th) and Clinton. It bills itself not as a coffee house but as a community resource center. The house coffee is excellent, and they will make you a custom cup from any of several special beans or blends listed on their menu. Occasionally there are a few loaves of bread on the counter by the door. It’s free; just tear off a piece. Many pastries from Le Petit Provence and various Vietnamese bakeries.

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