This Week in Pencilhaven

June 25, 2008

At work I’m wrangling with Drupal, which in addition to remarkable complexity, has doc pages like this:

“In as much on our waiter attainment this service, then worthy to turn up with the help of this, that given tobe displayed in a time let it run the cron.php”.

Yeah, the whole page is like that.

I’m also feeding the fish at the office regularly, which makes them happy, and wiping down my desk more because it is the place where all scum and dust goes when it dies. Sadly our local lunch haunt, Pho Green Papaya, is under new ownership and has started listing to port, quality-wise.

It appears to be sunny and I have no caustic comments on that matter.

Yesterday I started my summer term course in calculus at Portland State Uni. It feels very curious to be back in Neuberger Hall after an 8-year hiatus (since graduation). The smell of the stairwell made my hairs stand up. I have some confidence that this will Go Well, but not without Some Tears, likely. Actually, I am already fiscally lachrymose: on top of the course’s $600 price tag: a TWO HUNDRED FIVE DOLLAR TEXTBOOK. And it’s only the first of three textbooks. It’s hot damn good the other two are not required because, excuse me, Fuck That.

This weekend I am taking an immersive pinhole camera workshop at the Oregon College of Arts & Crafts. I am not sure what to expect therein.

Mr. Pencil spent some time this week fabricating some sort of blow-fan out of a tube and a motor and a battery. There was grinding and screwing.

The dog is well.

There. End of expository transmission.


  1. Gray says:

    I think the main question is, can the blow-fan be converted into a suck-fan if the need arises?

  2. Jim says:

    What do you think of Joomla?

  3. Barbara says:

    I’m taking Calculus this summer as well but only paying $350 for the 5 credits, used but unmarked textbook will cover all 3 of the sequence and only $160. Let’s hear it for community college tuition! My prof is a doctoral candidate from PSU’s Math Department and a virtual genius as a teacher. If he teaches anything at PSU, do not hesitate to take it, Mark Yannotta is his name. He rocks!

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