PDX: New Deschutes Brewery in the Pearl, via Autumn

June 4, 2008

My friend Autumn tried out the new Deschutes Brewery in the Pearl and wrote about it on her blog. I find it funny.

not totally thrilled my reuben was going to cost me $11.95 i was downright flummoxed to see that the kids menu listed grilled salmon as one of its offerings. grilled salmon? seriously? if it cannot be formed into a patty or tot, my child is not interested

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I have to admit that I’m not optimistic about the place. I get dragged to the one in Bend more often than seems logical and my mouth always leaves bored and overcharged.


  1. El Gray says:

    I was a surprisingly enthusiastic fan of broiled filet of flounder as a young’un, but yeah, that’s an odd choice.

  2. Aaron B. Hockley says:

    This is awesome. Folks must bookmark this. The next time some Pearl District resident ponders why their area of town has a stigma, point out the grilled salmon kid’s menu. Seriously… wow.

  3. Julian says:

    I describe the decor at the new Deshutes Brewery as “Woodsy wins the lottery”. I have many other opinions about the place but one is consistent with all other local breweries – fining people, fining. Beer should not look like used bath water, all murky and opaque. There’s already a winery called Duck Pond, don’t make beer that way too.

  4. brett says:

    I think Deschutes did a great job of making a casual brewpub. The food is edible, if not overpriced, and the beer is sublime. You could certainly do much worse (Rouge? Bridgeport?). That said, salmon surprise on a kid’s menu? That’s just fucked up.

  5. mikeymike says:

    Thank you, Brett, for mentioning Bridgeport and “worse” in the same sentence. I get angry every time I think of how they ruined that place. Whenever some shill from Bridgeport says, “it was a 5 million dollar renovation” I want to scream. I know Lyza will say I’m being “samist” or would it be “changist?” that is to say, anti-change, but in this case the Bridgeport owners really screwed the pooch.

    It went from being a cozy brewpub/pizza parlor with a lot of atmosphere and semi-private areas to a sort of sterile cafeteria that for some reason considers itself fine dining. I’d rather have a beer in a dentist’s waiting room than on one of the stupid elevated stool-chairs in the barn-like expanse of New Bridgeport’s main floor.

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