The Big Lebowski: A la Shakespeare

January 4, 2010

The world’s first and presumably last mashup of William Shakespeare and the Coen Brothers, by award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter Adam Bertocci (from the Facebook page).

Good sir, speak plain. I know not these villains, surely would I ne’er traffic with this man of Orient birth who so abused my rug. I have not the facility to present him with the rate of usance and demand money in kind for that which he has spent upon’t; so I entreat you, speak plain.

I speak the truth; my words are straight and true.
The man of Orient birth is not the issue.

The Orient, Sir Walter?

I speak, old friend, of truths in desert land.
The hour is nigh to draw line in the sand.

Deserts? I had made it plain that he was Orient-man.

Though words in haste be only human nature,
‘Orient-man’ is not preferr’d nomenclature.

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