LumaLoop Launches New Kind of Camera Strap–And I’m the Model

January 6, 2010

This week brought the launch of the new LumaLoop camera strap, designed by my friend James Duncan Davidson and his industrial-designer friend Greg Koenig.

I’ve been lucky enough to have my own LumaLoop for a few months now (in fact, I’m the proud owner of the very first small-sized–home-brew–LumaLoop); I must say I use it every day. It’s so-called “assault rifle” positioning means my camera is always out of the way, yet immediately available. I quite like it.

I am also the person you’ll see in the photos for the LumaLoop. Yay! The LumaLoop has appeared:

Head over to the Luma Labs web site to see a quick video about how it works!

One Comment

  1. Cork Catherine says:

    What a good model you make. Is the LumaLoop connection the reason your tweet link is used as the example on Daily Shoot

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