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February 10, 2008

Peat’s presentation on abandoned places in last week’s Ignite Portland (which happened to feature a photo by yours truly) rekindled my intrigue of such places.

As such, I posted a few more photos from the local superfund site I like so much to Flickr, and I’m thinking of printing one of my superfund shots real big-like and framing it.

As such, I need your help to adjudicate the offerings. Here is a link to all of my superfund photos on Flickr. I am leaning toward the ones pictured here, but could really use input. It’s surprising how clueless I am about my own photos: which are good and which blow.

I kind of like the moodiness of the black and white ones, but Mr. Pencil points out intelligently that the color is part of what makes it so visual there anyway.

Super Fund Site

Super Fund Site

Super Fund Site


  1. Cork Lizard says:

    lyza, I like, middle one above and (building) of the color ones best. I think (columns) is the strongest of the black and white ones. Moody and edgy but absorbing.

  2. tODD says:

    Second one. The color adds so much. The third is too dark for me. That said, I like the composition of the first, with the door frame, the dark top, and the chaos covering everything under 6 feet.

  3. Momula says:

    I prefer the composition of the b&w and I really like the way the gray tones work.
    No. 3 has a really otherworldly feel. It would HAVE to be bigger to be effective.

  4. lyza says:

    Coincidentally, a crop of the last (darker one) is the header image on the site today (Monday the 11th).

  5. samgrover says:

    I like the first one here and:

    But mostly the first one here.

    Good luck!

  6. lyza says:

    The lack of consensus here actually makes me feel better about my own confusion. Thanks for all the great input.

  7. Peat says:

    I like the first one as well. I think the bright colors make for an easy target — but the black and white can really capture the mood of the place. It is a eerie, heavy space …

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