Duck, the Sequel

June 9, 2008

Clamor, clamor, little readers / how I have joy that you care

browsing through the tubes so high / like a duck-fiend in the sky

satue, simmer little duck / you cooked well, such was my luck!

I am glad to follow up with some nonsense and finality about my duck. It all came together in a satisfying orchestration: roasted legs, pan-cooked boobs, reduced sour-cherry/sage sauce, parsnip puree and sauteed garlicky spinach.

Cookin\' the DuckHighs: The whole picture. But really, the highlight was the 2006 Martello Whistling Ridge Pinot Noir (Ribbon Ridge AVA, Oregon). Run, don’t walk. Best wine I’ve had in months. You can get it at Garrison’s Wines on SE Morrison. Tell Travis I sent you. Medium-bodied, smooth as buttah, not fruity, but not sere and dry, either. Cocoa, coffee, murky but lovely flavors. Great with duck (hah).

Lows: The actual duck was probably not the highest quality of ducks. The breasts, especially, were fairly tough, though I took pains to cook them gently!


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