On a Lighter Note: The Things they Find me With

August 8, 2008

I use the WP-stats plugin and Google Analytics. Here are a sampling of some of the search strings people are using in search engines, who ultimately end up on my site. My favorites are bolded. Some search terms that are obvious/dull or expose specifics about people other than myself have been removed.

What have I learned from this list? People don’t know how to spell ‘garter snake’, LOLcats are universal, my post on refrigerating eggs must be unique, and at least someone reads my book reviews.

Search Term List:

gardner snake [One of the more popular search strings that put people on my site! I don't talk that much about garter snakes, unfortunately., ed]
refrigerating eggs
how to get a word into the oxford englis
got word english language
rachel starr to forever lyrics
why is john mcloughlin often call the fa[ 'ther of Oregon', I'm sure, ed.]
bangka paking game [huh? ed.]
lyza big boobs
can’t poop and have crohn’s
i hate citysearch
tied out of breath running
lucy – the book about fdr’s mistress
winds of plague clothes
refrigerating store bought eggs
trudi chase
refridgerating eggs
thirteen moons synopsis frazier
icing the knee after a run
brand affinity
stores in europe not refrigerating eggs
hoenig bmw motorcycle accessories [holy crap, that's specific, ed.]
albanian custom fades: weman as family m
my ovaries are burning
armin van buuren blog
franklin and lucy
sexiest area of study
halo cats
in the woods tana french spoiler
food coma lyza
jumping from sellwood bridge
“make tuna” tuna
least favorite states
the alameda-weehawken burrito tunnel
cork buttered eggs
inventory is danger slogan

One Comment

  1. I can promise you that I wasn’t the initiator of the “my ovaries are burning” Google search. “Bookporn”, however…

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