February 6, 2008

New tunes I’ll share with you, that I am quite enjoying. Sorry about the grammar there.

  • “Pretty Girls Make Mothers” by The Remote (Ambient Mix): Chilled/Sad. Get it on
  • “Delorean” by Flux Capacitor (Noel Sanger Remix): Straightforward cheerful trance. Get it on
  •  ”Downtime” by Air Hustlers (Kenneth Thomas Remix): Great stuff–my type of tune. Energizing (but not overstated) progressive female vocal trance with that circa 2003 sound I like so much from Mr. Thomas. Underrated DJ in my opinion. Get it on Lyza’s pick of these tracks. Quite emphatically like this one.
  • “Endless Existence” by Mike Mikhjian (Soliquid Walking on Clouds Remix): Mike Mikhjian is from Detroit (which belies the genre of this track) and is only 18. This track is somewhat similar to the “Delorean” one but slightly more energetic. Slightly. Get it on It’s not technically released yet.
  • “Jupiter Calling” by Thomas Schwartz (Original Mix): Nice, straight-ahead, smile-inducing progressive house that’s getting a lot of airplay.
  • “System Addict” by Plump DJs: Something totally different, a big/breaks track in the tradition of the Chemical Brothers and certain older tracks by U.N.K.L.E. Great stuff for people not into the ditziness of trance. This one’s got pretty wide distribution; you can find it on iTunes, for example.

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