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March 2, 2008

Morgan Page — Longest Road feat. Lissie (Deadmau5 Remix)

Tranciness: Medium
Progressiveness: Medium-High
Vocal: Female/Pervasive (song-like structure)
Intensity/Danciness: Medium-Low
Cheesiness: Medium-Low
Lyza-ness: Medium-High

If you like your dance songs to be songy, this is a good one for you. Lissie’s vocal is distinctive, less ethereal and flighty than most trance sounds. A slight edge, slightly dark, yearning.

I’m pretty sure the vocals actually sing “giddyup” at some point. Do you hear that, too?

And what’s with Deadmau5? Everywhere these days.

One Comment

  1. El Gray says:

    Heard this on XMU this morning as I drove through a downpour to work. “Giddyup” confirmed. The XM DJ (Billy Zero) was really lovin’ this track. I thought it was just okay.

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