Music Update

October 13, 2008

Due to my recent freeze on all unnecessary discretionary spending, my stream of new music has taken a bit ill. However, there are those who depend on me to mention at least occasionally some new music.

  • Sasha: “Invol2ver”. “Involver”, released in 2004 or so, is on my top 10 list of best electronic albums ever. “Invol2ver” doesn’t quite reach those heights, but is has a few not-to-miss tracks. Depending on your bent, you’ll probably like different slices of the mix. If you’re a melodic type (like myself) given over to wistfulness, the remix of Thom Yorke’s “Eraser” is a stunner. Also: “You are the Worst Thing in the World” (Telefon Tel Aviv) and “Sometimes I Realise” (Engineers). Those enamored with glitchy clarity will probably like the tracks mid-album.
  • Deadmau5: “Random Album Title”. In a reality that should reflect my belt-tightening, I haven’t yet even bought this. But rumor has it that it’s a decent album.
  • Hybrid: “Formula of Fear”. This is a single. The EP (available on BeatPort or iTunes Plus) has eleven mixes. Eleven. Zeeps. I happen to think Hybrid are about the most wonderful thing ever (as emphasized by my using a song of theirs as my wedding procession music).

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