Some Wikipedia Articles are Better than Others

September 19, 2007

I’m in my viticulture class and we’re talking about soil biology and our teacher started talking about nematodes. I turn to David and mouth: “What’s a nematode?” because I realized I don’t really know what a nematode is. Time for a quick sprint over to Wikipedia, but that just left me scratching my head:

Nematodes are unsegmented, bilaterally symmetric and triploblastic protostomes with a complete digestive system.

But I wanted to know what a nematode is. Whether it’s microscopic, whether it has feet, whether it swims. Fortunately, my teacher finished up by saying that they are “little round worm things” which is far more information than I got from Wikipedia.


  1. Roberto Iza says:


  2. Preston says:

    The article has a pretty nice picture in the upper right hand corner. Maybe the authors thought it was sufficient enough that they didn’t need to put a lot of text in describing them. But, being Wikipedia, you could just edit it and make whatever changes you want to make it better :-)

  3. Dude says:

    There are nematodes in Antarctica:

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