More Fame

March 5, 2007

My Fred Meyer Photo on Flickr continues to make the rounds on the Interweb. Some good news: it will be the featured photo of the day on Wikipedia on March 29! You can preview it here. Additionally, the author of a well-known personal finance blog has expressed some interest in using it as part of his banner image. We’re negotiating (my liberal license isn’t quite liberal enough to cover commercial endeavors :) ).

One Comment

  1. mikey says:

    haha, I love all the flames about “Gursky” on the flickr forum, those people are so tickled that they finally get to use the fact that they’ve heard of someone and are familiar with his work. They’re right, you didn’t invent photography or the supermarket, how unoriginal. Idiots. Don’t let me catch you snapping a picture of me, that would be a rip-off of the great photographer “My Mom.”

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