I Need New Music

January 18, 2007

My at-work music situation is going downhill. As I age and my concentration becomes more and more tenuous, I have been listening to more and more geriatric, soothing music. First it was a switch from progressive trance to more insidious dance-pop tracks, then to downtempo lounge, then to chillout, then to ambient, and, finally, the last six months or so have been spent travailing under a drool-spurring soundtrack of occasional bips and boops punctuated by long sessions of atonal humming sounds.

To illustrate, the track that just played on my Internet music station of choice, the aptly-monikered “DroneZone,” was called “What a Dial Tone Sounds Like.”

I think I’ve just hit rock bottom. Help me.


  1. Anonymous says:

    KEXP Seattle plays a huge diversity that changes depending on the time of day. I experienced a “musical learning curve” when first listening to KEXP because there are just so many different types of music–mostly indie and local stuff, but of any genre.

    Otherwise I mostly listen to Pandora nowadays.

  2. Higgins says:

    Have you listened to Ms. John Soda? It’s like The Postal Service (blips and bloops) but with a German (?) female singer.

    I have the CD if you want to, you know, borrow it and not make illegal copies of it.


  3. El Gray says:

    I bought the Rodrigo y Gabriela album last week, and it’s great. If you like two Mexicans playing badass acoustic guitar songs, that is. AND I DO.

    The Regina Spektor album is entertaining as well. Ummm… and Doves? Do you have any Doves? Check them out, if not.

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