June 17, 2008

To get to where we’re going this weekend we are going to travel through the Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge in southeastern Oregon, where I have not technically been. We were driving south on I-5 near Salem and I had anticipation.

I asked, “Do you think we’ll see ‘lopes?”
“Probably,” said David, “unlike bighorn sheep, which we won’t see.”
“Right, because they don’t exist,” we both said at once.
“The biggest biological hoax ever played on the American public,” swore David. No one ever sees Bighorn Sheep.
“I don’t know why I’m asking. I always see antelope when I go where we’re ultimately going.”
“Right, with their one long horn.”
“Yeah, and their…wings.”
“And the glitter they leave everywhere.”
“You can tell it’s them from the soft nickering sounds they make when they’re grazing in the fields of ambrosia.”

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