Update/OMG: Original Complaints Choir from Brum

November 8, 2006

Holy crizzap. It turns out that the Helsinki Complaints Choir was only one half of a collaboration–the other half being from Birminham, UK. This is awesome to me because I lived there and it is a place that inspires truly histronic complaining (aka “Whinging”). The Helsinkin one is much funnier (to me) but maybe that’s because the Birmingham one just seems to describe life there. Don’t get me wrong, I like England overall and I love my friends there, but Birmingham proper can be pretty grim.

Best lyric so far:
“Sometimes we get these bananas that don’t ripen;
They just (kind of) go pale and whiten;
I think they are dead bananas.”

But unfortunately a lot of the complaints–bus service is a disaster, beer is so damned expensive–are just kind of sad fact.

Watch it on YouTube (can’t embed this one)

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