Analysis, meet Synthesis

November 7, 2010

There’s a problem. Or perhaps not a problem so much as an absence of anything actively useful. I read a lot. I pursue a lot of interests. I see a lot, I go to a lot of places (more now than before). So much that I have become overawed, and, in turn, passive where I should really be active. I’ve transformed into an absorptive entity. This cannot stand.

What good is pummeling my way through Plato, learning the art of frankincense distillation, taking weak little steps towards astrophotography, sampling weird Austrian wines made from the Zweigelt grape or solving confounding problems in the world of mobile Web development if I keep everything entirely to myself?

Analysis, schmanalysis. I’ve got that in spades. What I need is creative synthesis, generation. Outbound, not just inbound. Communication. Hell, I like words a lot. Why not use more of them, more usefully?

I’m making a small pledge. I am going to spend one hour, per day, generating. Creating things in the universe (no matter how intangible) that were not there already. And not just in my own synapses.

This is my goal for the end of 2010. To overcome a certain organizational, creative laziness.

One Comment

  1. Gray says:

    Interesting point. I certainly focus on the absorption of info and experiences, too (Obscurity Sponge, you know). I try to write something here or there every couple of days, but that’s not much for giving back to the world.

    I don’t know what I can produce that’s actually useful, unless it’s a review of something, maybe. Possibly an occasional laugh.

    Best of luck!

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