Photos: Your Vote! Best photo of my goddaughter

March 8, 2010

Help me choose which of these photos from last weekend I should make a nice print of for the parents of this lovely young lady (my goddaughter). I’ll print and frame the winning photograph.

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  1. Aileen says:

    I’d love to pretend our daughter really is this photogenic but I know it is the photographer’s skill that makes these so amazing. I’m going with Attentive, just because I see that expression so rarely.

  2. Brian says:

    I was torn between Gleeful (more traditional look into the camera, capturing uniquely childish joy) and the Log Pond one (bit more artistic, candid), but decided on Gleeful because I figured that it showed her face better, and childhood photos are partially (at least to me) meant to document as well as be pleasing to the eye….

  3. Grandma Pippa says:

    How can I love (currently — I’ve loved others, like my daughters!) any child more than this one. Thank you, Lyza, for capturing her at-this-moment being.

  4. I would print all three… and put the colored one in the middle. You can get three framed frames… when I did this for my grandkids parents, they loved it! But, my pics were not nearly as good as yours. She is incredibly beautiful! Kathleen

  5. Margaret Joss says:

    I’m the very fond, very far away “Greek” (Portlander) great-Godmother
    (Aileen’s “Nona” (godmother))

    Lovely and fun photos!

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