Shooting the Moon

January 10, 2009

My new Canon 5D Mark II came yesterday. The one I’ve been saving for for months. It’s here. It’s been essentially dark or freezing since it arrived, so I have not had time to get outside and really run it through its paces. But I will say one thing: DAMN. I wish I had better photographs to share; I hope that will occur today.

This photograph is not good. But it was taken HAND HELD at 3200ISO.

This photograph is not good. But it was taken HAND HELD at 3200ISO. And, look, my 17mm lens is ACTUALLY 17mm here!

The low noise at high ISOs is going to change my whole reality. Coupled with my new (yet-to-arrive) 50mm f/1.4 lens, the camera is likely going to help me discover a whole new world of off-tripod shooting. Hot damn. Taking photographs hand-held in which you see stars? I am enamored.

More Moon

More Moon; more 17mm.

  1. Wow. I realized the camera you’ve been clamoring for was going to have a very high resolution, but I didn’t realize it would do so well in low light situations.

    That’s pretty mind blowing. How is that even possible? I feel like I’ve missed some sort of big advance in digital photography technology.

  2. Lyza Gardner says:

    It is a *huge* step forward in high-ISO technology. There is little enough noise that it is actually usable.

  3. I had just snooped and saw that you had shot spouty at ISO 200 and was going to leave a comment that you’re going to have to adjust your ISO expectations. But I see you’ve explored that now on your own. Yah, the last few years have been exciting. I shoot ISO 1600 with impunity these days when it even looks like I might gain an advantage.

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