How Much Fun I Had Helping Make the Obama iPhone App: Tons

October 2, 2008

It is with great joy that I am finally able to share with you the project that I (and a ridiculously talented small group of people) have had the good fortune to be a part of: Obama ’08, the official iPhone application for the Obama/Biden presidential campaign.

Neat, huh? The amount of energy that went into this was fun to be around. Raven Zachary and Jason Grigsby’s strategy genius, Jonathan Wight’s very powerful development fu, Mike Lee and Tristan O’Tierney’s hacking support, Louie Manta’s visual-zing-wow aesthetics, Aileen Jeffries and John Keith’s many-faceted support, and Dom Sagolla’s tireless testing work. Phew. That’s the lot of us.

Two things were great about this experience. One, it gives me–someone uncomfortable with calling or bothering strangers and not particularly skilled in the art of persuasion–a real way to make an impact for a cause I am very fond of. Two, I got to wear all sorts of professional costumes; the project involved me being involved with all of the following: JavaScript, PHP, mysql, CSS, graphics, HTML, XCode, bits and bots of Objective C, copywriting, templating, clicking and dragging. It was fun.

Go learn more and download at

Early News Coverage

Teammate Blog Coverage


  1. [...] are more details about the project at Lyza’s blog and my own post on the [...]

  2. autumn says:

    my hearty congratulations to all of you! nothing like working on something really exciting to help stretch yourself thereby.

  3. Dom Sagolla says:

    Lyza, you are so fun to work with! Hope we can continue making great stuff in the future.

  4. [...] Lyza Danger Gardner [...]

  5. Yup, it was good to work with everyone. Had a great time. Very intense – but very worth it.

  6. iphoniv says:

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  7. [...] effort. An effort that featured five Portland folks on the team: Raven Zachary, Jason Grigsby, Lyza Danger Gardner, John Keith, and Aileen [...]

  8. [...] app was put together not by a company hired by the Obama campaign, but by a handful of passionate supporters who put their own time and resources into doing it. The campaign was then smart enough to recognize [...]

  9. TacoGirl says:

    Cool. Where’s the source code? Surely Barack wouldn’t support closed source application development!

  10. Noah Kunin says:

    As a former political field director turned journalist, I can say on several levels this is an amazing piece of work. Congrats! Very int. in seeing source code as well or possibly licensing it…

  11. Alan I. says:

    When will the McCain ’08 iTouch application be available for download?

  12. [...] effort. An effort that featured five Portland folks on the team: Raven Zachary, Jason Grigsby, Lyza Danger Gardner, John Keith, and Aileen [...]

  13. Yellow SEO says:

    Kudos Lyza on being a part of the most historic piece of social networking, that has probably changed the face of political campaigns for years to come.

  14. [...] learn more about the application from the Obama campaign’s website, or read various developer blogs about the [...]

  15. [...] for iPhone by Raven Zachary, Jason Grigsby, Lyza Danger Gardner, John Keith, and Aileen Jeffries, et al., Portland (No longer available but notable) The [...]

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