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February 28, 2008

Today’s pick:

Static Blue/Harris Briggs — Watch The Skies Fall (feat. Airplanes) (Illuminate Records)

(Comments based on Original Mix; several others available)


Tranciness: High
Cheesiness: Moderate
Progressive-ness: Low/medium
Anthemicness: Med-High
Vocals: Male
Intensity/Danciness: Med-High
Lyza-ness: Med-High

I like this one. The vocals somehow sound 80s-ish angsty, kind of New Wave almost.

One Comment

  1. El Gray says:

    Lyza-ness. Heh!

    Outkast’s “Bombs Over Bagdad” and “Fight the Power” by the Isleys both score extremely high on the Grayness scale. Also: most of the last TV On The Radio album, and almost anything featuring Edward Van Halen.

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