November 2, 2007

I am in the midst of reorganizing computers, backing things up and getting rid of cruft. I came across this swell little text document buried on an external drive somewhere. It’s from 2000.

To contact me, it is best to use my mobile phone and its neat features instead of my land line, as I am either away or online about 95% of the time.

Mobile Phone Information

To call from US: +44 7980 918 723

To instant-message me:
Go to
Click on free sms link
Click on send message link
Click on agree
Type in my phone number as 07980918723
Type me a text message

I get the message essentially instantly, so if there’s ever an emergency…

My Address
7 Pritchatts Road, Flat 204
Birmingham B15 2QU

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July 28: Last Day at Kavi (party at my house, 9pm, all invited!)
July 29 – August 4: In town, valiantly preparing for departure. On call for transition problems. TO REACH ME, CALL 220-4082
August 4: Leave on train, 4:30pm, eastbound.
August 6: Arrive Chicago. Will attempt to check email/messages.
August 8-12: New York. Will attempt to check email/messages.
August 12-18: On Queen Elizabeth II, bound for England. For dire emergencies, I’ll try to provide the shore-to-ship communication phone numbers, but, be warned, this is FORMIDABLY expensive. I will try to send one mass email at some point, but I’m unsure how much this will cost me.
August 18: Arrive Southampton.
August 19 – September 2: Travel in Morocco and Southern Europe.
September 2 – 9: Barging in central Burgundy.
September 9 – 23: Undecided.
September 13 – 17: Apple Europe Expo, Paris. Assumably I’ll have a way to check my email at this event, since it is computer-centric!
September 23 – 27: Arrive Birmingham: attend International Student Induction event.
October 2: Fall term begins. Expect me to be in communication firmly.

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  1. El Gray says:

    >>August 8-12: New York.


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