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October 10, 2007

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  1. tODD says:

    That article on MySpace pretty much spelled out my experience with it and Facebook. On MySpace, I log in infrequently, and then pretty much only to “mark as spam” all the porn invitations. And to curse at the stupid pop-culture advertisements that AdBlock didn’t get (in part because I haven’t bothered to come up with a regular expression that blocks MySpace ads but allows, for example, the MySpace music player.)

    But it’s not just that Facebook is clean (due in large part to its not allowing users, or advertisers, to screw up its design). Or that Facebook is mercifully free (for now) of spammers. It seems to be a culture issue, as well. Many of the friends I have on MySpace that aren’t close real-life friends seem to enjoy sending out these spammy faux-content bulletins. (E.g. “I’ve filled out this survey; now you post it as your own bulletin”. Egotistical chain letters, they are.)

    MySpace is just like that, while Facebook retains the clean-cut college-kid air that started it all.

    Also, I once tried to edit my own MySpace layout without resorting to someone’s crappy spammy editor. (Abandoned attempt here) What a nightmare their HTML is! Pure junk. Utterly rejects the concept behind CSS.

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