iPhone? Oh, yes

July 4, 2007

She works! I finally got an AT&T rep who cared last night and she walked me through the 5-minute process to get my phone working. Now I am enjoying my iPhone. It’s quite nice. I especially like how “aggressive” it is about finding wireless networks. I was at the Band of Horses show last night at the Crystal Ballroom and when I pulled it out of my pocket, it immediately saw and connected to the “McMenamins” network. Cool. It also seems to do a good job remembering networks.

For any of those of you having trouble getting wifi connections to work right (that is, you see that you have an IP but you can’t get anywhere), make sure to check the DNS server settings in the wifi settings area on the iPhone. Mine, for example, at home, initially included as the first DNS entry a 192… IP, which basically meant it was asking the router to act as a DNS server, which it of course cannot. I gave it a “real” DNS IP (I think comcast’s), and it worked great.

One Comment

  1. Ryan Phelps says:

    I’m a little bit surprised that McMenamin’s network wouldn’t automatically configure a valid DNS server for you. I’m also a tad surprised you could use Comcast’s DNS server without being on their network. Interesting, very interesting.

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