Oh Noes!! Weep weep. I Think I Have Runner's Knee

January 26, 2007

Oh, hell no. After my run last night the inside edge of my left knee was sore, and in the next few hours it got worse such that it really hurts to go up and down hills or stairs, or get up from sitting. Sleeping was really sore when I moved my knee after it had been sitting there for a long time. There’s lots of cracking. Walking on a flat surface is still fine, though.

It sounds like, more likely than not, I’ve managed to get runner’s knee. This could be relatively benign or the end of my short running career depending on whose advice I take.

CoolRunning’s remedy for this is basically ice and chilling out the workout and hill intensity.

But Time-to-Run advocates taking several weeks off.

That would seriously suck. I’m in the middle of a couch-10k program and have a goal of running a 10k in a few months. Help here. Runners? Advice? Sad.

p.s. I pronate HARD. I’ve got good arch support but I might need to look at orthotics.

One Comment

  1. Beth says:

    Be sure to rest and you should be just fine. I’ve battled nasty IT band knee injuries for a couple of years. Each time it flares up I am sure to stretch, ice and take it very easy -I just ran my first marathon and now have orthodics. It shouldn’t sideline you permanently. Good luck!

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