Let's Talk about the Weather

January 25, 2007

A dull topic, admittedly, but this morning’s weather is a bit unusual. It’s cold and foggy, but it’s doing something I haven’t seen before. During my walk to work, it seemed te be raining, but only in certain spots. There were clumps of large drops and lines of them along the sidewalk. After a few blocks I realized that anything that can wick moisture out of the air–powerlines, trees–was collecting it and then releasing it in a way that mimicked rain. Interesting.

Today’s blurriness is markedly different from last night’s clarity. I went for a run at dusk around the waterfront and the surface of the river was perfectly still. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it so calm. The sky was deep indigo (my favorite color) and the skyline looked perfect. I tried not to freak out that I didn’t have a way of photographing it.

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  1. tODD says:

    I also noticed the weird, large drops on my walk to work this morning. However, I felt certain that, while trees and power lines may have contributed to such condensation, there were points when nothing was obviously overhead, and yet the highly sporadic “rain” was there also. Thus, I was convinced that there must be a very large object hovering somewhere above the low-lying clouds. My guess was an invading spaceship; or maybe I just wasn’t paying close attention. But yeah, weird. Freakin’ 100% humidity.

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