Life Update: Geek/Tech

March 24, 2008

Non-tech readers can ignore this.

  • Continuing to proselytize the JQuery JavaScript framework; getting a lot done with it.
  • Approaching a brown belt in WordPress customizations and cetera.
  • Just tapping the surface of Drupal
  • Getting my fingers wet on a little iPhone Web app; a bit wary but excited about the SDK
  • Hoping to get the chance to do something in Rails soon

Boy, that doesn’t sound that exciting, but I do feel like I’ve been doing a lot of stuff that seems interesting. Maybe it’s best not to try to quantify it next time.

One Comment

  1. Jeremy says:

    Do I like Cake?

    I’ve looked at Cake. I think I like it. I haven’t looked at Zend, and the rest of them, but Cake looks good.

    And, of course, I really like cake. I mean, who doesn’t like cake? Except for communists.

    But really…do I like Cake? It seems nice enough.

    PS: Learn enough about Drupal (or hell, even WordPress, although I have my doubts and feel Drupal is likely better suited for the job) to get a blog, a CMS, a wiki and a forum, all at least like, somewhat integrated. Liquid is probably a good place to start.


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