Life: Snippets

November 20, 2006

* On Saturday I had a sparkling riesling that Kes had been nice enough to grab for me on his way back from India via Frankfurt. It is the first sparkling Riesling I’ve ever had.

* Over the weekend, Portland non-profits FreeGeek and my own beloved IPRC (place where I’ve done letterpress printing) were ripped off of Macs and other hardware. Sad. More via BoingBoing.

* David and I had an argument about whether or not quantum entanglement violates relativity by transmitting information faster than the speed of light. It doesn’t; David 1, me 0.

* I paid $60 or so for a series of 48 lectures from The Learning Company on the foundations of western civilization. We need diversion for our 16-hour drive to San Luis Obispo this Thanksgiving.

* Today is the inspection both on the house we’re buying and my current house. Nervous. Wish us luck.

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