Photo: Back from Cold, Murky, Fun Chicago

May 11, 2010

Everything in the past month or so has been intensely back-to-back. Work (invigorating but consuming), travel (invigorating but consuming), human companionship and family obligations (invigorating but consuming; think “cooking for 12″ and you’ll get the idea). I just got back from Chicago, a 4-day weekend with my mom and sister as part of celebrating Mom’s 60th birthday (back in January). It was a totally great way to spend Mother’s Day.

Weather, however, was a bit on the grim side. This shot was taken toward duskiness from the 96th floor of the Hancock Tower. I am always amazed by one singular thing in the Midwest: the water in Lake Michigan is always so jewel-toned and breathtaking.

I chose not to correct for the window reflection in the top right; that’s mostly laziness.

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