Quieter Like This

February 3, 2009

Calmer life ahead, like being able to stop and enjoy quiet things like these photos:

It Keeps Snowing Here. Snow is Quiet.

It Keeps Snowing Here. Snow is Quiet.

Fog is Quiet, Too

Fog is Quiet, Too

One Comment

  1. Christie says:

    Psycholinguistics: It is a human reaction to push-back when we are pushed. I know people who have gotten themselves pushed into illness when a boss tried to shove them around. Likewise, everytime we tell ourself: “I have to” or “I must”, our subconscious says “REALLY?” And it will push back. That’s why when I tell myelf “I HAVE to lose weight”, I find myself inviting people over for dinner.
    Our internal “self talk” regulates so very much of our lives. That is why it is important to do what you are doing right now, Lyza: Become keenly aware of the talk inside your head, and quiet it down. And prioritize the list of “have-tos”. And finally, change the self-talk to (if you really want to do it) to: “I WANT to”, or even better: “I LOVE to”. That way our subconscious helps us out, making each day easier, more freeflowing, and joyous.

    That’s my philosophy….

    Finally, Lyza,your recent photos are a worldly slice of tranquility. They take my breath away.


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