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July 25, 2008

Complaining Bloggers Have a Cable Company’s Ear – “”

Lyza Gardner, a vice president at a Web development company in Portland, Ore., used Twitter to vent about a $183 cable bill last month. (The bill was prorated for almost two months of service.) Her comment — “very angry at Comcast” — set off Mr. Eliason’s search tool, prompting him to type out his typical reply: “Can I help?” The response caught Ms. Gardner off guard.

“It’s one thing to spit vitriol about a company when they can’t hear you,” she said in an interview. It’s another, she said, when the company replies. “I immediately backed down and softened my tone when I knew I was talking to a real person.”

I have effectively waited all my life to be called Ms. Gardner by the New York Times.


  1. tODD says:

    Wow, cool. How’d they find you?

  2. Lyza Gardner says:

    Ha. How do you think? Twitter. Hee.

  3. Aaron says:

    First words in the OED, now you’re “Ms. Gardner” to the NYT.

    The word “distinguished” comes to mind.

  4. Richard says:

    I read that story in the Times; I read it every morning and saw your name. How does it feel to be a Person of Interest, Ms Gardner?

  5. Do you agree with this blogger that the Valleywag post was racist?

    BTW, you’re very pretty! LOL…

  6. How neat is that?!

  7. Just sent an e-mail reply to the ValleyWag, I’ll share it with you if you send me an e-mail. I thought they delivered a low blow.

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