PDX Remember-When Quiz: The Answers

April 24, 2008

Here are what I believe to be the answers to my rather popular post reminiscing about Portland of years past. Keep in mind that these are what I believe to be correct answers, but I could be inaccurate.

Which of the places listed below are currently still in their original location as of, oh, the early- to mid- ’80s or so?

  1. Nordstrom’s (downtown): Still in its original location. I used to buy my shoes here back in the Saltwater sandal and Mary Jane era of my life. Buy shoes, get a balloon shaped like a peanut. Anyone?
  2. The Children’s Museum: Used to be located off of SW Barbur near the YWCA south of downtown. Now located up by the zoo. Bonus points if you knew that the building it’s in up by the zoo used to be OMSI (the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry).
  3. Camera World: A bit of a trick question. The original Camera World was located a block away in a darkish, smaller spot. I think the old location was 5th & Washington on the south side, and it is now at 6th & Washington, on the north side. It is also no longer locally owned (sad).
  4. Central Library: If there is one stable building downtown that has never moved, it’s this one. Having said that, during its renovation the “central library” branch was housed in the location of the current downtown 24 Hour Fitness at, what, 4th & Clay?
  5. The Bijou Cafe: My dad used to take me to breakfast there when I was three. Still in same place.
  6. The Old Spaghetti Factory: Surprising how few people remember the original location in Old Town, across from Bar 71 or whatever. It was the Quest night club for a lot of years after that. The big, flagship location in South Waterfront was a product of the 1990s.

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