This is Why We Live in Portland, Kids

April 12, 2008

70 degrees this morning and suddenly last night the first time since last fall the air has gone soft and you can smell things, sometimes things you don’t want to smell, but we take the bad with the good because this city’s winter climate is the cross we bear until it unfurls into something so glorious we can barely talk about it for the grins we’re carrying on our faces.

A confused season. Daffodils, tulips and iris all blooming at once.

David and I suppose we will go camping today. We’re headed for the gorge eschewing trees because trees get in the way of seeing the sky.

Was up last night til four reading, reading, sleepless with my shattered belly parts making sounds of discontent–I’ve started eating vegetables again and the system has taken voluble notice.

In Boston, I understand, it’s also a beautiful day. My sister is there, and is ecstatic because she got the (foregone, if you ask anyone else) news yesterday that she passed the bar. As if we’re surprised. Magna cum laude from Harvard Law. As if we’re surprised! But we congratulate her!

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